Nerf or Nothing?

Danny Kapala, Reporter

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Nerf wars. A fun way for high school kids to stay connected and active during the summer. But what was originally designed as a harmless game, has led to some unfortunate, tragic events.  Eastview’s version of the Nerf  War starts when summer break begins. Students form teams, take their childhood toys and parade around neighborhoods looking to record “kills” with their Nerf bullets. Each group hopes be the last team standing, win the game and collect the prize.

Last fall, however, there was a tragic accident. Students from Lakeville South High School, participating in the war, and were involved in a fatal car accident. Two young men, with bright futures ahead of them, died, all for a harmless high school game or NERF. Of course, controversy now surrounds the future of the game.

With hearts broken and eyes opened, the Eastview Nerf war is in question. Should there be an Eastview Nerf war this summer?

Tune in to the flash as we take a deeper look into the Nerf war.

Nerf War