Getting Summer Ready

Lucas Askew, Reporter

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Many students are hunkered down and studying hard for this last week of school. Some are already looking ahead to summer by getting “summer ready” at Lifetime Fitness. I caught up with some students who go too the gym to get into shape. The first student I interviewd was Tommy Springer who said ” Its a great way to get into shape for football camp this summer.”

Jake Nichols another eastview studnet said “There is a great community of students here and its very fun when you can hangout and workout at the same time.”

The last student was Chris a new commer who said “I was nervous at first but it was nice when I came here first and people instantly gave me pointers and asked if I needed help, I recomend the gym to many peopel.”

So Eastview students, if you want to get into shape and meet new people, head on over to Lifetime and join the community.