Marching Band gets off to an explosive start this last weekend!

Joey Mayer, Author

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Last Friday and Sunday, June 1st and 3rd, the EVMB finally kicked off their season with 2 full days of marching, practicing, and performing excerpts from their 2018 show, “We Were Kings”. They learned to play their parade song, Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”, and began to learn the fundamentals of the activity. “It’s all about growth”, says Marching Band director Matt Gullickson. “We’ve got to build a strong foundation early on, so that over the coming months the kids can continue to grow into the daunting task ahead of them.” This mindset is clearly shared by the students, as over 150 members of the band from all grade levels showed up to the camp this weekend to hit the ground running in this demanding activity. “I’m just excited to get out on the football field again”, says French Horn player Cedric Warner, who quit the bulk of his sports in order to pursue marching band as an activity. The students and staff seem equally excited to get back into the season, and we can look forward to seeing their new show at home football games this fall! Signing off for the 4cast, this is Joey.