Ipad Turn In

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Technology has become an intellectual part of our society. From googling an unknown word to entertain ourselves in public with Netflix and Youtube. Technology became practical tools at home, workplaces and public. Recently, Ipads are also available in school! This year district 196 is committed to a learning and technology framework focus on providing students with dynamic student learning experience and increase access to digital tools. Yesterday, Eastview students turned in their iPads after a long year of utilization. District 196 fully integrated school issued ipads into the classroom for all eastview high school students for the first time this year. 
This move toward a more digital learning environment has been met with both extensive praise, along with some constructive criticism from EVHS students. The contrasting opinions of students due to immensely varied class structure, means that the introduction of iPads has not been a completely seamless transition. However, in the end, the use of ipads will continue, with students able to pickup their same iPad from this year once school starts up in the fall.