NEW CLUB ALERT: Gaming Club is sweeping up the gamer community at Eastview High School

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NEW CLUB ALERT: Gaming Club is sweeping up the gamer community at Eastview High School

Kyle Hoang, The Flash

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From Human Development Initiative (HDI) to Muslim Student Association (MSA), Eastview is always seeing new clubs arise; they are usually formed by students who wish to see changes around them and take initiatives into their own hands. This year, however, Eastview sees a new club that is unparalleled to anything we have ever had before. “I am a big gamer and so when I realize how many students I had that were also gamers, I decided ‘why not just start a club, have some gamers come together, and have a good time’ because that was really what the inspiration was” – Mr.Vanseth

By the time this article was written, Eastview’s first Gaming Club has had 5 meetings and started its first game tournament after school in C330 and C331 on Tuesday, October 23rd. The theme for the tournament was Super Smash Bros. It was a competitive tournament and it was all about the survival of the fittest. The two classrooms were divided into 4 sections; each section had a game console with the game running. All of this was possible as students voluntarily brought their own consoles for the whole party. “For the past couple of weeks, I have brought one of my own, but the rest is provided by the students. Yesterday, for example, I brought one WiiU, but the other three consoles were provided by students” – Vanseth shared.

The instant success and popularity of this club among the gamer community of Eastview would have never been a reality if it weren’t for a student to step up for this leadership role and help Vanseth manage the club. Severn Helgeson was a student here at Eastview and now attends the School of Environmental Studies (SES) as a junior – Class of 2020. “It was me and Mr.Vanseth that formed this together entirely but we have had a lot from (the students here)”, Helgeson put forth, “basically my role here is just to make sure everything is going smoothly, you know, and making sure everyone is having fun and the rules are being followed.”

The club is essentially powered by Vanseth’s deep-rooted motivations and dreams. “I never imagined that I’d be able to combine these two passion, one for teaching and working with students and another to play video games…I appreciate that I have that support here and the opportunity to do that”, the Spanish teacher chimed in, “I’m hoping we continue to grow and become more organized so that it really becomes a fun place for people to hang out, expand their social circles, meet some friends, have some fun and not stressed out worrying about their academics.”

Video games are known to be such a huge distracting factor to students. As for the neighboring teachers of C3 Cluster, what do they think of the club?

“It’s awesome. It’s popular. There’s a lot of people in there. They are having fun. I think it’s a good opportunity for kids to hang out and do something they like”, Ms. Joy Hanson acknowledged, “it’s more about screen time than it is video games for me.”

“I believe everything…well not everything…Most things are good in moderation” -Ms. Donais commented.