A Message to Upperclassmen, From EVHS Alumni

Emma Sinn, Flash Reporter

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Transitioning from high school to college can be a scary yet exciting time for a lot of students. Of course there’s always help from teachers, counselors, and parents, but these Eastview alumni also wanted to help by giving some advice in this story.

Contrary to popular belief, college students don’t necessarily have copious amounts of free time. 2015 Eastview alumni, Melissa Barry, advised to “Make sure that you use your planner the most that you can”. Although there aren’t seven classes a day, like there are here at Eastview. There is a lot more work to do outside of class.

Not only is it important to focus on school work and be studious. But, in college, it’s important not to forget to stay in the moment. “There’s no use in thinking about the past and worrying about the future” says 2010 Eastview alumni, Jenna Dockter, “Just try and be present and you’ll enjoy life”.

With 35 school days left for Eastview students, and even less for seniors, Dockter remembered “that time goes by so fast… you don’t realize it ’til all of a sudden, you’re done. So just enjoy the moments, ’cause they do go by really fast.”

And 2015 Eastview alumni Anita Dharod, said how she wishes she “would have known how vital it is to go out and meet new people” since it’s a whole new surroundings for a college student.

2015 Eastview alumni, Katie Coyne, added to remember to not sweat the small things because things like “ACT scores matter as far as getting into college, but once you’re into college, nobody really holds a lot of weight to it anymore.”

Coyne, “Enjoy your last couple weeks of high school. It’ll go by really, really, really fast, but it’s a great journey.”