Learning Commons Reconstruction

Kevin Gunawan

Blake Hoeschen, Reporter

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Eastview High School has undergone plenty of changes since it was established in 1997. The 330,000 square foot facility houses the liveliness of students and faculty throughout the months of September to June. One key and very important tool to Eastview’s academic success is the media inside the building.

2016 has been very technological for students and teachers at Eastview. Many scholars are becoming familiar with iPads that have been borrowed to them, and all students are taking full advantage of Eastview’s technological outlets, whether it be smart boards or computers. Perhaps one of the very most important of the media outlets in the school is, coincidentally, the media center (also referred to as the learning commons). I was able to talk with one of the media center clerks, Karla Sonnenberg, to understand what exactly is happening to the school’s media center.

“Last year, we looked for ways we could update our media center at the time to be more innovative, creative, and better use our space”, Karla told me when I had asked her what was happening to the learning commons. As I looked around from the couches centered in the media center, I could see already the changes are becoming exactly as Karla described… Innovative, creative, and better use of space. The book shelves have all been moved to the North side of the media center, creating a large open space. This large open space, is planned to become an interactive classroom that teachers can checkout, much like they do with computer clusters. They hope to add technology to it, such as a smart board or LCD. The space can be utilized as a interactive classroom, seminar environment, and more.


The bookshelves’ rearrangement also come with a new system for looking for books. The bookshelves will now be based on genre, therefore students will have a “shop for a book mentality”. 

Although a very academic place, the media center aims to be a welcoming place where students want to be. It is an open environment, great for collaborative and interactive students. Students are able to come in before and after school, to study or utilize the media center in any way that will better their academic success.

There are definitely many things to look forward to with the redesigned media center, but don’t go under the impression that it will continue to stay the same. Karla told me, “Stay tuned because it’s a five year plan”. The halls of Eastview may be a little more anxious with excitement, but there’s a long road ahead for advancements. All we can do right now is enjoy what’s to come, and stay tuned.