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Daniel Curtis bio
Daniel Curtis Is a current 4Cast student who has many ideas to turn the show around. He's an independent guy who spends most of his spare time making graphics for Eastview Television. He wants to try and make the television production "a little bit better". At the moment he is learning how to use some editing programs (Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop) as well as making  some "tweaks" on Eastview High School's new home page EVHS Media. Daniel Curtis is not currently engaged in any  athletics. "I wanted to join the track team but there are other means that are more important", He said. His main focus is to finish his Junior year of high school and help out with the daily news producing show. He's a very calm guy and like to help others in times of need. He usually seeks assistance to get a video done so he get's a general idea of how to make a top notch video. He's very good at planning ahead for a show . He has a vision that the 4Cast will be as good as any other news producing show so that the whole school can turn on their TV's and watch. For now he's just going to try and make the best of the visual effects for the daily news producing show.

Daniel Curtis, Reporter

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